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Jay's Hot Wings


Corn Cheese - 8
Bulgogi Fries - 11
Japanese Eggroll - 9

crab egg roll with cream cheese

Bulgogi Wrap - 9

Korean BBQ beef, American cheese, mozzarella, and cream cheese egg roll fried with sauces

Jumbo Shrimp Tempura - 10

jumbo shrimp battered, fried and topped with special sauce

Duck Gyoza - 9

deep or pan fried duck dumplings

Crack Chicken - 9
Pork Belly Steam Bun - 5

marinated and roasted smoked pork belly, cucumber, and sweet and spicy scallions

Jay’s Signature Hot Wings - 9.5 (6pc)
17 (12pc)

with cole slaw

✓ signature hot
✓ mango habanero
✓ chipotle BBQ
✓ teriyaki
✓ buffalo

Edamame - 6
Crab Tempura - 6.5
Blackened Tuna - 12.5
Tuna Tataki - 12.5
Kimchi Fries - 9
Super Nacho - 13

✓ chicken
✓ pork belly
✓ bulgogi

bulgogi burger


Wagyu or Bison. Garlic sesame bun or pretzel bun for $1

The Burger - 12

caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, white cheddar cheese, sunny side egg, roma tomatoes, jalapeños, brioche bun

Super Jay - 12

smoked Gouda, bacon, sundried tomato confit, truffle mushroom Duxelles, brioche bun

Cheeseburger - 9

grilled onion, American cheese, pickle, brioche bun

Bulgogi Burger - 12

Bulgogi patty, jalapeños, burger leaf, American cheese, sunny side egg, brioche bun

Hot Chick - 12

chicken patty with Togarashi, cole slaw, American & mozzarella cheeses, burger leaf, brioche bun

Carolina Shrimp - 12

Togarashi sauce, pickled jalapeños, burger leaf, cole slaw, American & mozzarella cheeses, brioche bun

Impossible Burger - 12

vegetarian patty, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, red onion, brioche bun

Fire Chicken

Rice Plates

cooked in the Hibachi Style and comes with a soup or salad and steamed rice. 
substitute fried rice for $2

Chicken Tender Teriyaki w/ egg - 15
Grilled Shrimp with egg - 16
Bibimbop - 17

Korean mixed rice dish with mixed veggies, bulgogi and spicy or mild sauce

Fire Chicken with egg - 15
Bulgogi with egg - 16
XO Seafood Fried Rice - 19

fried rice with scallops, squid, shrimp, crab and baby octopus tossed in specialty XO seafood sauce

Jay's Specialties

comes with salad and a side item

Duxelles Black Angus Filet Mignon - 28

grilled beef tenderloin topped with homemade portobello mushroom Duxelles

Surf & Turf - 38

Filet Mignon & lobster

Seafood Combo - 36

lobster, scallop, shrimp

Hot Stone Filet Mignon - 32

six dollar sides

large for 12

  • French Fries
  • Cole Slaw
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Whiskey Battered Onion
  • Vegetable Fried Rice 
  • Steamed Rice
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Kimchi
  • Assorted Vegetables
  • Mashed Potato
  • Mac & Cheese


Panko Chicken – 8

comes with french fries

Bebe Cheese Pizza – 7

comes with french fries

Chicken Bites – 8

comes with french fries

Chicken & Rice – 8
Bulgogi & Rice – 9

Soup & Salad

House Salad – 4 petit /  7 grand
Oi Salad – 8


Seaweed Salad – 6
Miso Soup – 3
Beef Broth – 3


Apple Roll Up – 9
Tempura Ice Cream – 9

salted caramel and burnt Bourbon sugar

Ice Cream – 5

ask server for flavor

Cake – 9

ask server

Alaskan Sushi Roll

Jay's Rolls

main ingredients listed 

Alaskan – $9
crab, salmon, and avocado

Atlantic $13
crab, avocado, and cucumber inside. cream cheese, and smoked salmon on top.

Atomic $12
spicy crab salad with cream cheese inside. tempura fried with sweet and spicy sauces and green onion on top.

Avocado $5
avocado inside

California $8
crab, avocado, and cucumber.

Crab $6
crab inside

Cucumber $5
cucumber inside

D.K. $14
smoked salmon, crab, and cream cheese inside. eel, spicy tuna, avocado, white sauce, eel sauce, and green onion in top.

Dragon $14
crab, avocado, and cucumber inside. eel, avocado, and eel sauce on top.

Dr. B $14
spicy crab salad and cream cheese inside. Tuna, red snapper, white sauce and tempura flakes on top.

Eel $9
eel and cucumber inside. eel sauce on top.

Island Roll $13
crab, avocado, cream cheese inside. tempura fried. sweet chili, spicy mayo, and pico de gallo on top.

Kamikaze $13
crunch mix inside. tuna, white sauce, and tempura flakes on top.

M.C.P. $10
tempura fried crab roll topped with chef’s special sweet and spicy sauces and green onion on top.


Mixed Vegetable $9
pick 3: avocado, cucumber, asparagus, carrot, spinach, bell pepper, burdock, daikon radish, pickled radish, japanese pickles, green onion

Mother Roll $15
shrimp tempura & cream cheese inside. layer of avocado & white sauce, chopped crabmeat, spicy smoked salmon with eel sauce.

Monster $13
spicy tuna, crunch mix, avocado, serrano pepper, and cream cheese inside. tempura flakes, white sauce, eel sauce, and green onion in top.

Naruto $16
spicy tuna, crab, escolar, avocado, black tobiko, and cream cheese inside. wrapped in shaved cucumber. ponzu and yuzu on top.

Papa Bear $13
crunch mix inside. red snapper tempura, white sauce, crack sauce, eel sauce, and green onion in top.

Patron $15
spicy tuna salad inside. crab, sweet and spicy sauces, and green onion on top.

Philadelphia $9
smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese inside.

Playboy $13
tuna, salmon, red snapper, yellowtail, shrimp, and green onion.

Rainbow $14
crab, avocado, and cucumber inside. tuna. salmon, red snapper, shrimp, avocado, and masago on top.

Rock ‘n’ Roll $13
tuna, salmon, crunch mix, cream cheese, and green onion inside. eel sauce on top.

Rollercoaster $13
crab and avocado inside. crunch mix and shrimp on top.

Salmon Small Roll $7
fresh salmon inside

Samurai $13
sweet shrimp salad inside. volcano sauce. eel sauce, and green onion on top.


Shiitake Small Roll $6
shiitake mushroom inside with nori outside. hoso maki

Scottish $15
spicy salmon salad inside, with breaded fried salmon and sweet and spicy sauces on top

Shrimp Tempura $9
shrimp tempura, white sauce, and tempura flakes inside. eel sauce on top.

Snow White $14
crab, avocado, and cucumber inside. crab, tempura flakes, kimchi sauce, and white sauce on top.

Sparta $12 
salmon, spicy tuna, crunch mix, serrano peppers, and cream cheese inside. tempura fried. crack, and eel sauces on top.

Spicy Tuna $9
spicy tuna and cucumber inside

Spider $14
soft shell crab tempura, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, and japanese mayo inside. masago and eel sauce on top.

Sumo Special $12
tuna inside. tempura fried. hot sauce, white sauce, eel sauce, masago, and green onion on top.

Tuna Small Roll $8
fresh tuna inside

Volcano $13
crab, avocado, and cucumber inside. volcano sauce, eel sauce, and tobiko on top

Waka Waka $13
shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, and tempura flakes inside. crab, avocado, and eel sauce on top.

White Tiger $14
spicy tuna inside. wrapped with soy paper and eel, with eel sauce on top

Yellowtail $7
fresh yellowtail inside


Blue Fin Tuna – 8

Fatty Tuna – MP

Escolar – 6
super white tuna

Yellowtail – 7

Salmon – 7

Smoked Salmon – 6

Red Snapper – 6

Madai – 8
japanese red snapper

Flounder – MP

Sea Bass – MP

Crab – 5

Shrimp – 6

Sweet Shrimp – 8

Scallop – 7

Tamago – 4
egg omelet

Smelt Roe 7

Red Tobiko 7

Wasabi Tobiko 7

Salmon Roe 7

Mackerel 6

Sea Urchin MP

Unagi 7.5

freshwater eel

Squid 7

Octopus 7

Whelk Clam 7

Surf Clam 6

Shima Aji 8
striped horsemackeral

sashimi appetizers

Blue Fin Tuna7 pcs16

Salmon 7 pcs – 14

Yellowtail 7 pcs – 14

Red Snapper 7 pcs – 12

Ankimo 6pcs – 15
steamed monkfish liver

Assorted Sashimi 10 pcs – 18
chef’s choice sashimi

Jay’s Smoked Salmon Carpaccio – 16

sushi bar entrées

comes with soup or salad

Daily Sushi Special Ask server 24

Sashimi Dinner – 32
20 piece sashimi

Nigiri Dinner – 30
10-piece nigiri and tuna or salmon roll

Sashimi for 2 – 60
40 piece sashimi

Sashimi Party Boat –  100

Poke Bowl – 20

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